AI tools

The rapid progress in the technological field of artificial intelligence (AI) with a constant stream of new applications is driving automation forward and has already found its way into the education sector with chat bots such as those from Open AI (Chat GPT). We see great opportunities in this development, without suppressing the risks, and are already actively following and using some of these developments:

Tracking the entire development in this exciting field of technology.

Here is our brief presentation.

Of particular interest are AI tools that will soon be able to support the writing of learning songs with text drafts and music selection and can already incorporate lyrics into given melodies independently.

The use of AI tools that can provide translations (e.g. DeepL), which translate spoken contributions in the speaker’s voice into French, Italian and Spanish and even lip-sync in the case of video (e.g. Heygen), is also very interesting.

Although our content is already known at ChatGPT and Baard, our goal is to generate a Chat Bot (HJB Bot) that is so comprehensively trained with content from our book “Coaching, Teaching and Learning with Music” and from our website that it will provide the best answers in its own words to your questions on this important topic area.