Let intellect and emotion sound together.


Everything works better with music. Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer  knows that very well. Anything he has to say, he offers with music – be it management know how  or just a hint  for a holiday experience.

To convey management knowledge in a handy way is not that difficult. Catchy songs present it for your ears as shown in the CD Shaping the Future, the DVD Tutorial Learning with Music and the most recent book publication Coachen, Lehren und Lernen mit Musik (“Coaching, teaching and learning with music”; english edition expected in summer 2021).



The latest product is the exciting book:

An english edition is expected to be published in summer 2021 as Coaching, Teaching and Learning with Music.

Click here for an english translation of the book’s announcement.


The first product on the subject of “learn with music” was this CD!


The tutorial “Shaping the future” contains a booklet and a music CD . For interest in an order please send an email to



More  tutorials to come on: innovation, creativity, changetechnologies, mobility, and brainstorm.

In preperation: vision and mission innovative thinking integration entrepreneurial activity intercultural competence resilience.


The doctor of engineering knows what he is lecturing: After three decades of  management experience  in the industry he now offers his know how in business schools and in seminars and even on cruise ships.


Not only in professional trainings you learn easier and better with music, but even in your free time. See how Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer simultaneously informs and entertains cruise ship passengers.







May 2021

Sing and learn along about brainstorming! A learning example from our book: „Coaching, Teaching and Learning with Music“.






April 2020


Our Corona-Song “Spirit of change” can be viewed and listened to now! Free download is also possible.

Hier klicken zum Download des Songs als .mp3

February 2020

To be translated soon:

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March 2019


”Let’s Swing, Manager” was the headline of an article in “Praxis Kommunikation” portraying Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer and his songs.

Please click here for an english translation of the article!

February 2018

Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer presents  his voice with a selection of songs in the course of “The Voice of Germany Senior” at the German TV channel Pro7.

Listen to snippets of the songs he had prepared:

Medley 1:

Medley 2:



Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer

Ideas, concepts, method „Learning with music“, melodies, song lyrics, guitar, vocals.

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Nicolai Böhlefeld

guitars, bass, piano & Keyboards, synthesizers, arrangements, production multimedia.


Gernot Brauer

Website-concept and editorial


Clive Flynn

English translation


Song platform

To be announced…



The english version of the learnwithmusic-Podcast will be available soon.



Dr. Hans-Jürgen Boßmeyer

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